We have been keeping careful tabs on the spread of Covid-19. After consultation with colleagues, we have the following policy in place. In keeping with recommendations from the HSE, we have implemented policies to help maintain “social distancing” to keep you safe while visiting our clinic.

  1. You are encouraged to have your vasectomy as scheduled. We only see one patient at a time for vasectomy. We follow HSE-approved protocols for disinfecting clinical spaces, there will be no other patients in the waiting room 
  2. If you have a fever or a cough, please reschedule your appointment. For the sake of other people around you, anyone with a cough or fever is encouraged to stay home. 
  3. If you have a serious chronic condition, please reschedule your appointment. Examples of serious chronic conditions are lung disease, heart disease, immune compromise, etc. People with these conditions are encouraged to pay special attention to social distancing. 
  4. If someone else drives you to the clinic, it is best that they wait in the car during the procedure, wait time will be under one hour.

These policies are temporary . We are monitoring events as they occur and these policies may change at any time as we focus on providing our patients with a safe environment and doing what is best for public health, many thanks.